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CRYSTAL SKULLS – general information


This is the most common type of carved skull, with many levels of detail - from a basic straight-sided low detailed shape - up to and including a highly detailed replica of a human skull.

Some carvers also produce replicas of the elongated skulls found in several cultures - these are often referred to as "traveller" skulls.


A popular style of carved skull - with most being the "grey alien" style - rounded head, pointed chin and large almond shaped eyes. Also seen are highly detailed carvings similar to the grey alien style.


Another increasingly popular carving, with smaller sizes often having a hole drilled into the back for use as a pendant.


​In recent years these have added to the above carvings - birds being the most common - Ravens, Owls and Eagles seem to be the easiest to find. Also a few carvers have added big cats (Leopards/Jaguars and Tigers) and Wolves. Occasionally a carved dinosaur skull will appear on selling sites too.



Carved skulls of all styles can be of any size - the size of the skull is of little importance. Bigger skulls are no better (or worse) than smaller ones.

It's common for the higher grade stone/precious gemstone skulls to be of very small size, less than an inch long in many cases.

A number of carvers produce carved skulls of very large size, some being twenty inches long or more.


​Small skulls of most styles can be found online easily and inexpensively. Generally, common stone types (Agates/Jaspers and similar) are less expensive than those described as Semi-precious/Precious.


Please bear in mind any Customs Regulations your country may have as this will add to your purchase price.


Don't pay over the odds for skulls that are "activated" in any way – consider this first :

Crystal Skulls are carved from minerals that have formed over millennia. Compare that to the amount of time humans in their present form have existed. With that in mind, who is the teacher - and who is the student ?

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